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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - I AM A SURVIVOR!

I never dreamed that I would be affected by cancer of any kind, not at 42 years old anyway.  I want to share my story as it is important to be diligent in self checks and clinical exams.  I'm not one to run to the physician for much so it wasn't surprising that I was 42 years old I hadn't taken the time to get a mammogram.  My mother called my doctor and scheduled the appointment for me.  On April 2, 2005 I turned 42 years old, on April 6th, I went in for my mammogram.  The following day they called and said I needed to come back because they saw something unusual on the film.  I really didn't think too much about it and scheduled my follow-up.  I was rushing around and didn't have time for anyone to go with me as I had several appointments that day.  I went into the little dressing room, changed into my designer gown and waited for my name to be called.  The wait was long and I was felling a bit fidgety.  I picked up a brochure on breast cancer and started reading it.  Finally, they called me in for my ultrasound.  I watched as the technician clicked here and there measuring something on the screen.  She left the room and came back in with the radiologist who informed me that I had a large mass and needed to see a surgeon immediately.  "Excuse me" you're kidding right?   No he wasn't and after coming back to the outpatient room after the surgical biopsy and barely coming to my doctor came in, sat down in a chair with a very serious look on his face and informed me, my husband and my parents that he was 99% sure it was cancer.  He told us to come see him in his office the following week and he would have the results from the lab and we would come up with our game plan then.  That was the longest week of my life!  I had to tell my children that their mother had cancer.  I hope none of you ever have to do that!   I then had to wait another month to schedule a right mastectomy.  We did a lot of praying in that month!  I do have to say that with my great friends and family, we had food that could have fed an army.  It took another two months for me to start chemo.  I was very fortunate as I was only Stage I and my survival rate was good but we still wanted to attack it full force.  I did four rounds of chemotherapy.  Not fun, doable but not fun.  After my second treatment I remember driving to the grocery store and we had the windows in the car open.  My youngest was sitting in the backseat and said my hair was blowing all around.  That was the start of a week long torture of my hair falling out.  Finally, I asked my nephew to come over and shave my head.  He did and we laughed and had a great time.  (I cried like a baby when I got home)  It was done, my hair was gone and it was much better that way.  I loved my wig!  I hated my wig!  I loved my bandannas, I hated my bandannas.  It was so much easier getting ready in the morning when I didn't have to fix my hair but that thing was hot!  The chemo kicked my butt and I am happy to say 3 years later  -

IT WAS WORTH IT!  I am here today to tell my story, I was at my son's high school graduation and I will be at my youngest son's graduation too!  I am always more than happy to share my story with anyone.  If you know someone that has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, please feel free to have them contact me.  I had cancer, Cancer didn't have me!!  Breast cancer is not a death sentence!! 

Please, see your doctor regularly and do your self checks often, the life you are saving is your own! 

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Comment balloon 10 commentsTammy Anderson • October 01 2008 10:05PM


Wow you are truly a hero. Your story is very inspiring. Good Luck and thanks for sharing your story we can all learn to appreciate the smaller things in life!


Posted by Kenia Mari (ISellRent.com) over 12 years ago

Kenia:  Thanks but there's no hero here!  I totally beleive in my heart it was God's was of telling me to stop and smell the roses. 

Posted by Tammy Anderson, Owens, Broker/Owner ("The Gateway Home Team" of RE/MAX Alliance) over 12 years ago

You're an inspiration to us all; thanks so much for sharing your story:)

Posted by DJ Swanepoel (Real Estate Wiki) over 12 years ago

DJ - Thank you, I tell my story to encourage those that may be going through what I did or something similiar.  We were brought up to think that the word "cancer" meant death and it doesn't anymore!  When I first got diagnosed, my father couldn't even say the word.  Since then, he was diagnosed with throat cancer and came through it with flying colors! 

Posted by Tammy Anderson, Owens, Broker/Owner ("The Gateway Home Team" of RE/MAX Alliance) over 12 years ago

Tammy, Well thank you for sharing your courageous story!  What a true shining light you are for all of the rest of us here!  I bet you look at your life completely differently now.  My daughters are dancing on their  high school dance team with all the area schools on October 12 to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.  We will be thinking about you and your family!

Posted by Sandy Shores FL Realtor®, Melbourne Real Estate, Brevard County Real Estate, Florida's Space Coast (M & M Realty of Brevard Inc.) over 12 years ago

Sandy:  Please tell your daughters and their team members - Thank You!  I do mean that it is very special to me when I see someone doing something to raise money for a great cause!

Posted by Tammy Anderson, Owens, Broker/Owner ("The Gateway Home Team" of RE/MAX Alliance) over 12 years ago

God bless you for telling your story.  My mother is just finishing her radiation (after chemo for the second time). 

Posted by Conrad Unnerstall, Associate Broker, Homes Brunswick Georgia 912-280-0088 (Chapman Realty) over 12 years ago

And just look at Tammy's beautiful smile through all of it!  This is the attitude that I love.  You're an awesome lady, Tammy!

Posted by Laura Kombrink (RE/MAX Alliance) over 12 years ago

Tammy - your story give me chills.... it is just like that isn't it out of nowhere life stops.... I think you are an inspiration and an amazing woman!  Your willingness to share what you have been through is so great - my mom was so lost when she got the news , find a surgeon, do this do that ... how nice to have had someone to talk to... You are GREAT! 

Posted by Shannon Gilmore, CRS, Real Estate Sales Associate with Long and Foster (Long and Foster Real Estate) over 12 years ago

Conrad:  Your mother will be in my thoughts and prayers.  There will be days when she says - I can't do this anymore but remind her she can and will.  It will be over soon and she will be stronger for it. 

Laura:  Thanks sweetheart!  You're a doll.

Shannon:  Thank you!  I realized when I went through it that I had to pick myself up and keep going.  I worked all but maybe a day or two after each chemo treatment.  I think it's important to give back because I feel very blessed to be able to share and tell my story. 

Posted by Tammy Anderson, Owens, Broker/Owner ("The Gateway Home Team" of RE/MAX Alliance) over 12 years ago